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ocracoke from scratch

What do we mean when we say “Ocracoke From Scratch”? We mean that if we can make it in house, with locally or regionally sourced products, then that’s what we’ll do. We want to focus on sustainability, not just our food sources, but also our community.

Ocracoke is not just a tourist destination but also a working fishing village. One of the few left in our country. We ask for your help in supporting our watermen and women in creating a sustainable economic environment for them and their families.

So please not only buy locally sourced seafood, but help with our crusade against untenable regulations that are making it difficult for our fishermen to survive economically.

Thank you for coming to our island, eating at our restaurant, and helping to sustain a way of life that goes back so many generations. We hope you take time to enjoy our many talented local artisans and musicians as well.

We count ourselves lucky to live in such a magical place.

Doug and Judy



In the main dining room



In our outdoor patio dining