Enjoy live music starting at 7:30pm at our outside bar and covered deck! We've also added seating at our newly renovated lower patio. Bar open until 11pm! 

4.7.23: The Ocracoke Rockers
4.15.23: Ray Murray
4.27.23: Brooke & Nick
4.29.23: Ray McCallister Band

5.6.23: Ray Murray
5.12.23: Ray McCallister Band
5.13.23: Brooke & Nick
5.16.23: Aaron Lavigne
5.19.23: Ray Murray
5.24.23 Ray Murray
5.26.23: Ray McCallister Band
5.29.23: Brooke & Nick

6.1.23: Noah Daniels
6.3.23: Ray Murray
6.7.23: Ray Murray
6.10.23: Brooke & Nick
6.14.23: Ray Murray
6.17.23: Ray McCallister Band
6.20.23: Christina Chandler
6.21.23: Christina Chandler
6.22.23: Petty Thieves
6.23.23: DJ Yess
6.30.23: DJ Yess
6.24.23: Ray McCallister Band

7.1.23: Ray McCallister Band
7.12.23: Ray Murray
7.22.23: Ray McCallister Band
7.26.23: Ray Murray

8.2.23: Ray Murray
8.9.23: Ray Murray
8.11.23: Ray McCallister Band
8.18.23: Allegra Du Chaine (Featuring Paige Miller)
8.19.23: Ray McCallister Band
8.21.23: Allegra Du Chaine (Featuring Paige Miller)
8.29.23: Christina Chandler
8.30.23: Christina Chandler

9.15.23: Ray Murray
9.16.23: Brooke & Nick
9.21.23: Madam President

9.22.23: Brooke & Nick
9.23.23: Ray McCallister Band
9.30.23: Ray Murray

10.6.23: Ray McCalllister Band
10.21.23: Ray McCallister Band


305 Irvin Garrish Hwy
Ocracoke, NC, 27960, US

About us

We are open for lunch and dinner (reservations not accepted) and offer elegant inside dining as well as casual outside dining with a multi-level patio and bar. The patio has both covered and uncovered seating options.

You will find us in the heart of Ocracoke Village (just off the harbor), a close walk from the main ferry terminal. We are open 7 days a week for dine-in or carryout. In addition to lunch and dinner, we have Shrimp Hour available for outside seating from 3 – 5pm. We also offer live music outdoors throughout the season.

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