About Dajio

doug & judy


We are Doug and Judy Eifert, owners of Dajio Restaurant. Dajio is the culmination of a dream that formulated after our first lovestruck visit to the island: Doug and Judy In Ocracoke. Doug and I met in the restaurant business. If you are meant for it, a life in food absorbs you, even if you have to start from scratch, as we did. After giving up our day jobs, Doug worked his way up from bartender to chef and I from server to manager. After 12 years managing a nationally recognized, award-winning restaurant in Lexington, Kentucky, we decided to pursue our dream of opening Dajio on Ocracoke Island.

our garden


Later we took the farm-to-table concept even further—to our backyard. We started a garden at the restaurant from which we pull ingredients daily. When a dish needs something more to take it to the next level, we just go out and grab it. Being tied this closely to the food we serve helps us deliver the best to our customers each and every day. Nurturing our vegetables from seed has only increased our respect for the ingredients, using restraint to let them shine.